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Sunday 22 April
10:15amSunday worship, sharing and... @ Malvern Vale Community Centre
Tuesday 24 April
9:30amPrayer Meeting @ Malvern Vale Community Centre
Sunday 29 April
10:15amSunday worship, sharing and... @ Malvern Vale Community Centre
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Introduction and Explanation of Prophecy
It sometimes happens that people receive messages from the Lord for us, typically when they are praying. Some of these messages are recorded here, where we feel they are helpful in giving a picture of the church as it is and will be, and are consistent with the scriptures of the Old and New Testament – particularly the latter. These messages strengthen our quiet confidence for the future. Please note that some of the prophecies are for the Malvern area or wider, not just the Malvern Hills Life Church. We want all the Christian community in Malvern to taste revival together. Prophecies rarely give any indication of timings and other specific details. They are to encourage and strengthen the church. In one or two cases, a brief word of explanation is provided. If you would like further clarification or interpretation of any of these prophecies, please contact us. There have been many other prophecies. Please help us to recall and record any that are missing from this list.

Two doors - which will you choose?
Blessing or even more blessing is the choice - choose the very best! More ...
Prophetic words for2014 on Sunday 29/12/13 More ...
Invitation of Jesus
From what is seen to the greater unseen
My focus is often on this present world, and I miss the realities of your greater unseen world. Open my eyes..... More ...
Jesus for river of life prophe
My light will go with you...
Step forward on the way I have set for you...and I will be your light,,, More ...
Mark Franklin
Prophecies 12/11/12 Remembrance Day More ...
A pool of salvation
Malvern Life is a pool of salvation that captures the hearts of men and women. More ...
God speaks to you expansion
Trust Him, and make more room for the Holy Spirit More ...
Mark Jones, Gloucester NFI
Jesus for river of life prophe
The Lord loves His own and desires to walk with them
The Lord Loves to walk with His people and shines through them when they walk in His ways. More ...
fresh revelation
Beyond the veil
Worship affects the spiritual realm and releases the glory and grace of Jesus both in the heavens and in the earth... More ...
A bright horizon
A bright horizon
...is waiting for you, beyond the challenges of today.... More ...
steam train
Prepare for the move of God
We must be full of anticipation and expectancy for the coming of the Holy Spirit in power. He is almost upon us. More ...
James Hall
Coining it in
All across Malvern, in every church family, release what resources you have into the kingdom of God. More ...
Jean Hall/Jeff Steady
Unseen foundations
God is developing foundations all unseen More ...
Things are changing
The Spirit of God is changing the shape of things in the Malvern community. More ...
Pete Nash
whirlwind of emotions
In a spin...
Your life is in a spin because you do not have Me at the centre... More ...
Jeff Steady
Focus on Me
Out of relationship with Jesus will flow all things... More ...
Jeff Steady
racing horses
Racing horses preparing to run
You are like racing horses, full of stamina and straining for the race... More ...
car out of control
Losing control?
If you feel you are losing control of aspects of your life, this word is for you... More ...
fresh revelation
I am your enhancer, your enricher, your improver
Prophecy Sunday 28 8 11 Mount Pleasant More ...
Jeff Steady
white water
White-water River
2011 will be a white-water River experience, truly mind-blowing.... More ...
Tim Silk
A ripple in the stream
A fine catch of fish is fully expected, it's only a matter of time... More ...
Hearing from God course delegate July 2011
A tsunami of God's grace is on its way
Are you feeling drained out? It's a sure sign for you of a tsunami of grace... More ...
Jeff Steady
Hiding behind a door
Why will you hide behind a door while I am calling to you? I will light your lamp! I will make you fruitful for the kindgom! More ...
Jeff Steady
Jesus for river of life prophe
First fruits in Malvern
You are the first fruits of those who will be saved in Malvern... More ...
Pete Nash
Banqueting halls
Enjoy His banqueting Halls
Mark Jones, of Gloucester Newfrontiers, prophesies great things for Malvern Life. More ...
Mark Jones, Gloucester NFI
fresh revelation
On the mountain of praise, freedom is found
On the mountain of praise, freedom is found More ...
Adrian Clarke
tree with roots
Space to GROW
You have developed strong roots and will now have space to grow. More ...
Church leaders gathering, Malvern, February 2011
A and O
Wrapped up in Me...
You are wrapped up in Me...the God of wonders..so you will also perform wonders...to touch the world... More ...
Pete Nash
Release of the supernatural
There is going to be a release of the supernatural... More ...
Steve Oliver, NF, Dubai
Expand your territory
Dave Bray, in tongues, interpreted by Mark Franklin, both of Malvern Hills Life Church, a message for leaders of the church plant More ...
sowing seeds
Scatter the seed more widely!
Scatter the seed more widely. More ...
Rob Davey, Coventry
Fire breaking out
In my prayers, I felt myself standing on the top of a range of hills – I take it to be Malvern Hills – looking down on the inhabited areas. More ...
Jason Dawn
shaft of light
Running to the light...
Over time, many will hasten to link with the new church plant in Malvern. More ...
Diane Blow, Worcester Hope Church. 2007/8
river of life
River of God
River of God around Malvern Hills More ...
Jeff Steady
river of life
River of life
See the river of life that flows from my heart... More ...
There is a sound of heavy rain
1 Kings 18 provides the basis of this prophecy of revival. More ...
This prophecy answers the question every new church plant must surely wonder about. We're here to stay! More ...
Small group leader, Worcester Hope Church 2007/8
Be strong...
"Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might”. Don't be dismayed or discouraged; when the enemy comes against you one way, he will flee from you seven ways. More ...
Jenny Hewitt, Bath City Church
Mining for many jewels
This prophecy likens our church planting endeavour to mining for precious jewels. Tough and perhaps slow going but ultimately richly rewarded. More ...
Worcester Hope Church member
Various prophesies
Various prophesies given concerning the Malvern Hills Church plant. More ...

Dave Bray, 24/05/2010