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Tuesday 23 January
9:30amPrayer Meeting @ Malvern Vale Community Centre
Tuesday 23 January
11:15amLadies Get-together @ The deli in Malvern Link
Wednesday 24 January
12:30pmMid-week Meeting @ Margriet's
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God speaks to you expansion

To a small group of people, what is God saying? God is speaking about expansion. I am not being clever by saying" of course you are going to grow" but God reminded me of the early part of Genesis where he formed man from the dust of the earth and breathed life into him. Adam was not led out into a field somewhere but as a father God would have cradled his creation -the lifeless body of Adam- cradled him in his arms and breathed life into him - an intimate moment. God said "go,be fruitful and increase in number fill the earth and subdue it,rule over every living creature" A beautiful commission which comes with the breath of God.



tractor God will show you days of expansion by His Spirit

The breath of God and the Spirit within you desires expansion. God promises to answer your desire and will show you days of expansion by His Spirit. God's purpose is for expansion growth and multiplication. God cradles and holds you and speaks expansion to you. You will move out and gather in - do not be afraid of expansion and do not consolidate in the midst of it- go with it!. His hand is on you, His Spirit is on you and His purpose is for expansion and growth. It is all about His Spirit and not techniques and strategies. Trust Him and make more room for the Spirit of God.



Invitation of Jesus Trust Him and make room for the Spirit of God



Mark Jones, Gloucester NFI, 15/06/2012