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Sunday 25 March
10:15amSunday worship, sharing and... @ Malvern Vale Community Centre
Tuesday 27 March
9:30amPrayer Meeting @ Malvern Vale Community Centre
Sunday 1 April
10:30amEaster Celebration - for all... @ Malvern Vale Community Centre
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In a spin...

Round and round...your mind is in a spin. Up and down...your heart is in turmoil. Out of control...your circumstances crash around you...demanding more than you can give. And that's because you do not have Me (Jesus) at the centre of your life. Yes, I am with you. But you keep Me on the periphery, at arms length, around and about. I am with you always...but the centre is still...you...and your other masters. Only when you place Me at the centre of your life will your circumstances begin to level, your heart begin to ease, and your mind come into peace. I stetch out my arms to you today, I who died for you, I who offer you eternal life and joy. Embrace Me fully, discard those things that are peripheral in you life, deny the other things that demand to master you, and draw Me to yourself, and place Me at the very centre of your life. (Jeff)

Jeff Steady, 14/11/2011