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Sunday 25 March
10:15amSunday worship, sharing and... @ Malvern Vale Community Centre
Tuesday 27 March
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Sunday 1 April
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Hang your hat on a pension


When I am asked these days what it is like being retired, or even, what do I do in retirement, I answer sometimes along the following lines...


 bus pass I am the proud owner of the famous senior citizen bus pass


I lead the local church plant, I read history, I visit the gym, I max out on grandchildren, I dig the garden, and I drink coffee with my chums. I've taught myself to manage the church website (I hope you like it and use it often) and I walk the Malverns.


Malverns in light snow 7 1 09  My snap of the Malverns on a snowy day


If I am in a humorous mood, I might then add,  that after all that it is usually time for lunch. After lunch of course I might snooze or compete a su-doku or two (I like the fiendish level - they escape me occasionally, but at the same time I occasionally manage a super-fiendish version), or watch the fantastic parade of colourful birds just outside the window (OK, goldfinches, siskins, and a troupe of redpolls were this week's star turns).


redpoll  Redpoll   siskins  Siskin


The other side has to be said - I also visit the surgery more often and night times are often interrupted. Thankfully, I don't think I sleep walk yet).


sleepwalkingJeff thinks he does not sleepwalk yet...



I suppose you noticed I missed something?


Well, it has been like a lifetime hope and ambition for me that when I retire, I would spend more time in prayer, scripture and meditation. And so it is. My joy, my delight, my pleasure. Yep. It's to spend time with the Lord Jesus, hearing from Him, perhaps through reading the bible, and to learn His ways. I've always liked to pray ever since being at risk of life and limb (and under a written death threat) in Africa all those years ago when so many others did not survive. But this is special. No pace, no stress. It makes helping the thrust of church planting a joyful challenging experience. It lights up the day to day adventures of reading, talking, walking, watching and playing. And it bodes well for the post final stage of earthly existence...


Do I recommend retirement? Don't rush there a moment too soon, if you ask me. But when the time comes, well, you could do worse than follow my example!


It's good to end well...

With love in Jesus


Jeff Steady, 10/02/2011