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Floored by the power and Love of Jesus


The fact of the matter is that I got myself into a situation when I was 18: no home, no friends, no faith. But Jesus floored me – literally - with His power and love. It was the last thing I expected. I didn’t even ask!


I didn’t believe that the Christian’s God was it

People say that to be a Christian you must have faith. They say that faith means believing something to be true even if there is no evidence for it. They say that we can never really know that Jesus was real, and that we cannot be sure that God is actually there. That's not how I came to know Jesus was real, and that God cares for me.


I’d always known there was a God there, ever since I took the time to think about it. I didn’t believe that the Christian’s God was it though and looked elsewhere, I judged Christianity as invalid before I’d even really given it a chance.

I didn’t and don’t deserve it, but God changed that.




Everyone has a story and if you meet me in person I’ll be happy to swap mine with you. When I was in that desperate situation God sent some Christians to help me out of it. I was offered shelter and a place to stay by a Christian couple. That meant I could wash and be presentable for interview. It was not long before I found work. Then I found a flatmate through their Church and moved in with him the same day I was due to start the full time job!


Ligaments anaesthetised?

In the town I was in I was invited along by someone to their church and I remember that I could feel something spiritual in their service. During the service I saw the leader praying for people who fell down onto the floor. This was strange! I asked him about it after the service. But rather than giving me an answer he simply prayed for me there and then. To my surprise I collapsed under a powerful influence – it was just as if the ligaments in my knees had become anesthetised. I enjoyed the experience though, I was laughing uncontrollably.




I realised that it was the Christian’s God who had helped me out, and who was showing me that he was real. I decided that he had showed me he is good and he had helped me at a critical point in my life. I needed to find out more about him and start living my life his way.


No lack of evidence now!

I had learned something important: if I talk to God, he listens, and he responds. Cause and effect, action and reaction. So you see, my Christianity isn’t based on a lack of evidence – not at all. On the contrary, it’s based on significant and frequent events in my life. And too many to be coincidence!

 his masters voice

The more I learn the more I realise how little I know about God. Being a Christian has changed my life! I don’t need to be afraid now because I know that although I don’t deserve it He will help me while I stay loyal to him. Since I’ve stopped swearing now, and I try to show more respect to my parents and family. I’ve recently married a wonderful Christian girl, and it’s like I’m experiencing a little of heaven in advance.





Thank you, Lord!

I’m passionate about church, too. It’s my way of saying thank you to God for the change he has made in my life.


 worsdhip girl

Here's hoping we meet soon

With love in Jesus



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Ben Hardick, 11/01/2011