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There is the sound of heavy rain...taken from 1 Kings 18

Black = scripture exerpt

Red = Linked Prophecy


Chapter 18 1) Verse 2: There was a severe famine in the land! Baal worship - idolatry! 


Some of the areas around us are largely devoid of the life and blessing of God! Severe spiritual famine and drought!

2) Verse 2,19, 27: God sent Elijah to present himself to King Ahab and boldly confront the prophets of Baal!


In response to God's word we boldly confront the powers and principalities who are demanding the worship of the people!
3) Verse 21 : Elijah went among the people encouraging them not to waver between two opinions but to follow the True God!


In response to God's word we have gone among the people encouraging them to follow the Lord!

4) Verse 30 - 37 : Elijah rebuilt the altar of the Lord using stones, wood, seeds, a bull and gallons of water! We are the living stones (1Peter 2v5), the seeds represent the words from God that we are sowing into the estate (Matthew 13), and the water represents the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the living stones! (John 7 vs 38,39)

We don't need the bull because the Lamb has sacrificed Himself once and for all on the cross!

5) Verse 38, 39 : The fire of the Lord fell and burnt up the sacrifice!


Once the altar (the place where God and man meet) has been built, we can expect God to do something unusual that will be clearly recognised and will be a sign that the heavenly powers have been shaken and the revelation of God's grace has been released among the people!

6) Verse 40 : Elijah commanded the people to seize the prophets of Baal!


All those who receive revelation of God's grace are commanded to bind and cast out the wrong things in their life - all the thoughts, attitudes and actions that have bound them up in darkness! (Repentance)

7) Verse 41 : There is the sound of heavy rain! According to the word of God to Elijah in Verse 1, he sensed in his spirit that the famine was over!

8) Verse 42 : Elijah bent down to the ground with his face between his knees. A time of fervent prayer, praise, worship and also watchfulness! (Micah 7 v 7)

9) Verse 43, 44 : Elijah sent his servant to go and look from the mountain-top towards the sea and report back what he saw. Not till the seventh time was the servant able to say 'A cloud as small as a man's hand is rising from the sea!' The seventh time meant that it was God's time to move - seven being God's number of completion or perfection (Genesis 2 v 2, Revelation 4 v 5)


The little cloud is a promise that storms are on the way!

10) Verse 45 : The sky grew black with clouds, the wind rose and a heavy rain began to fall upon the land!


Spiritual revival is imminent! The wind is the Spirit blowing away dead stuff and preparing people for what's to come! The heavy rain is the outpouring of God's Spirit onto the people of the land! (Proverbs 16 v 15, Psalm 1 v 4, Deuteronomy 11 vs 11,12, James 7 vs 7,8)


Pete Nash 2010







Pete, 26/11/2010