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Paul was transformed beyond recognition

My life transformed . . . . . .

How my life has been transformed! I now have a proper relationship with God. And yes, He is my God, I really feel that. He has changed my life beyond recognition. But let me go back a bit and tell you how it happened…

The last will and testimony of an uncommitted believer….

I had always believed in God, but He was my God. And my relationship with Him was a rather selfish one. I rarely prayed for anyone else outside of my immediate family and friends for fear that in doing so would dilute the potency of my own, very real, needful prayers. I also thought that it was ok to be a believer without any real commitment on my part beyond prayer. I certainly didn’t want to be or be associated with the street preacher types or other such religious nutters! I could after all show my solidarity to the ‘faith’, at Easter and Christmas and by attending wedding’s, Christening’s and thankfully less so, the odd, funeral.

But even though I believed I was still missing something, I felt worlds apart from my God. I was, after many years of so called believing still searching for that spiritual connection. And, I now found that I could no longer rely on my own self assessment that being a good and decent guy made me some how worthy. It just didn’t cut the mustard with me anymore.

Where’s there a will, there’s a way . . .

I was on my way to the gym in Malvern. It was a gorgeous day and I was thinking, ‘what a great day to get done and get home’. When, much to my annoyance I was forced to make a detour down the High Street. And, as I approached the traffic lights at the bottom of the hill, I was forced to brake sharply as a van pulled out from the kerb into the flowing traffic. Cursing! I looked to my right and saw a banner fixed high on a wall adjacent to the Lyttleton Well (a Christian book store) advertising something called the Alpha course?

I thought no more of it, and carried onto the gym. However, just two days later I was again forced to make a detour down the High Street, this time, following close behind a large white, delivery van. When, to my surprise, without warning, the van driver slammed on his brakes, forcing me to do the same.

Cursing again…

Again, cursing much louder than the last time. I instinctively looked to my right and there, right in front of my eyes was the Alpha banner. I then had this inexplicable thought. ‘Oh, You want me to take notes?’ so I wrote down the contact number and drove away, intending in all sincerity, to call the number from the car park of the gym and book my place on the course. Then I thought. ‘I’ll do it later.’ Then later, became even later and even later, ended up being much, much later. I had, again, got cold feet when it came to seeking God.

But then I had a cunning plan, if I was to call that evening, five minutes before the start of the meeting, there would be no way I would be expected to make it that evening. And, I would thereby, swiftly and dare I say, adeptly, defer my attendance for yet another week. Bravo! I thought. So that’s what I did.

Now, you have probably experienced that unfortunate moment in your life when you know, no matter how much you try and wriggle out of a certain situation. It ain’t gonna happen? This was mine. . . . . . and by the way, Thank you Lord!

A shocking conversation

I dialled the number, and immediately started to apologise for the lateness of the call to the pleasant voice at the other end of the phone. I stated that I would be more than happy to go along the following week. Then, shock, horror! ‘Why not come along this evening?’ said Pastor Jeff at the other end. ‘But it’s too late,’ said I. ‘It’s never too late,’ said he. ‘Come tonight, you would be very welcome. In fact I won’t start the meeting until you get here.’ . . . . . . . .

A room of smiling faces…wonderful people!

How could I refuse? . . . . I couldn’t and I am pleased to say I didn’t. I went along to my first Alpha meeting and walked into a room of smiling faces. I was immediately at home. It was as though I had known these wonderful people all of my life – amazing!

The BIG questions

Over the weeks of the Alpha course I and others were able to ask the BIG questions in an open and supportive environment. A Holy Spirit Day, brought the Alpha course to a close, and it was on this day that I gave myself to the Lord Jesus – Hallelujah!! Then I knew in a new way that Jesus had died for me and forgiven my sins. It felt so different!

Transformed – Revenge of the fallen


Yes, how my life has been transformed! I now have a proper relationship with God. And yes, He is my God, but He is also your God too. He has changed my life beyond recognition. The bible is now an important part of my everyday life and not just a book for religious ‘nutters!’ I was baptised in April this year (2010) cementing further my commitment and relationship with the Lord.


Ask and you will receive

I am so glad God is fixing my life and He can fix yours too if you want him to. All you have to do is ask Him to be your Lord and Saviour. You will be amazed at how He moves in your life and at how much He loves you – unconditionally!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my testimony. My prayer will be that you will turn your life over to the Lord. And I can promise you your life will never be the same; you will never regret the day you invited Him in.

God bless you and go seek Him with all of your heart.

Paul Horton 2


Editor's note: Paul was a police officer for 25 years and a Samaritans counsellor.

Paul, 26/12/2010