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Larissa explains how she faced her German history and found meaning and purpose for her life....

Whatever I tried, it left me unhappy and empty

Before I became a Christian, I was always looking for something or someone in my life that would make me happier or more fulfilled. I was searching in almost everything you could imagine. I was living the "if and when principle": "If I had this or that I will be happier", or : When I have this, I will be happier." But whatever I tried, it left me unhappy, even more empty than before.


Learning how to deal with our German history

As I was always interested in Jews and Jewish history, I went to a camp in Poland for young people from Germany, Poland and America. It was not a Christian Camp, but it was run by Amnestiy International to talk about what happened in Germany in the 2nd World War, the guilt of Germany and how we, as young Germans, deal with our history. There were also young Polish people there who were looking for their Jewish roots, as their grandparents had to deny their Jewish identity, because they wanted to protect themselves, and became Catholic.


Sharing difficulties with a friend


This camp was hugely interesting for me and I shared a bedroom with one girl from the same German city that I came from. She was a Christian, but she didn´t tell me she was, instead she was just a good friend to me on this camp.
We talked about everything. our families and our lives - she told me about her difficulties she was facing and I told her about mine.


A Lively Christmas

When we were back in our home town in Germany we met up again and I explained to her, that I didn´t want to go home for Christmas this year. So she asked friends from her Christian fellowship group at University if they were doing anything at Christmas. And a couple of weeks before Christmas, I received a phonecall from a girl who said she would be in Münster (a German city) with her sister and would invite me for dinner! I was so excited about that! So when we first met up, we met up in CHURCH!!! I remember how I told everyone that I was going to church to meet somebody. Luckily the service wasn´t boring at all, but was dealing with really relevant topics of our lives, had a lively worship band and a drama play group. After the service, a lot of people started talkíng to me and I made a lot of friends!


I just wanted to have what they had....

One day, one of my new christian friends, Chrissi, came to my house to read the bible with me. She then asked me straight away, if I wanted to become a Christian - and I said- YES! At that point I didn´t understand the meaning of being a Christian, but all of my new friends kept talking to me about Jesus and how I had to pray and that Jesus came to take my sins away. I just wanted to have what they had!!!


God had prepared me for that moment!

All of that happened within a couple of months, but God had prepared me a long time before for that moment. One of the things that "prepared" me was the attack on the World Trade Centre in New York on September 11th 2001. I felt no longer safe, and I knew, that the evil didn´t stop before what I thought was "untouchable".

The creator of the universe cares for me, loves me and forgave me.

In February 2002 I gave my life to Christ and I don´t regret it! Eversince then I know, that my life has a meaning and a purpose. I feel much happier now that I know the creator of the universe cares for me, loves me and forgave me. Since I know God, I know what love is and I find it easier to forgive people. I love and care for people now and I pray that as many as possible will be won for the kingdom!


Solingen 012

Larissa, September 2010, Malvern Hills Life Church

Larissa, 22/12/2010