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Tuesday 23 January
9:30amPrayer Meeting @ Malvern Vale Community Centre
Tuesday 23 January
11:15amLadies Get-together @ The deli in Malvern Link
Wednesday 24 January
12:30pmMid-week Meeting @ Margriet's
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Gordon Hazleton, Worcester Hope Church, 2007
I see the Malvern Hills on fire! There is going to be an outpouring of God’s Spirit on Malvern.
Worcester Hope Church, worship team member, 2007
You are digging mine shafts to a rich vein of precious jewels and gold. As you are going you are strongly propping up the tunnels with prop stafts. This strengthening process takes time. Do not be dismayed. You will bring out many precious jewels.
Jeff Steady, Malvern Hills Life Church, 2008
I saw in a vision in the night, a crystal river of God flowing down and around the Malvern Hills. The river of God is to flow in Malvern! Then the Lord said: Go, build a bridge! (I take this to mean we are to provide means of access to the river for as many as will want to use it!)

Steve Oliver and team, Newfrontiers apostolic leader, South Africa, during a regional leaders meeting in Cheltenham, 2009
There is going to be a release of the supernatural.
Keep letting down the nets
Rob Davey, Pastor, Newfrontiers, Solihull 2009
Scatter the seed more widely
Jenny Hewitt, Bath City Church prophetic team member (part of longer prophecy) 2009
"Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might”. Don't be dismayed or discouraged; when the enemy comes against you one way, he will flee from you seven ways: Deuteronomy 28:7. God is holding you in His hand, as a mother would hold a young child, protecting, nurturing.
Dave Bray, Malvern Hills Life Church: a prophecy for Jeff Steady, leading the church plant 2009
I saw a picture of you on a cricket field with hands and bat raised in triumph and crowd cheering as you hit the ball for six! You are more than a conqueror through Christ who has given you His strength. Keep batting them out of the park!

Adrian Clarke, prophetic ministry, UK (prophecy is UK wide, at least, not just Malvern Hills Life Church) 2009
I've had a series of prophetic dreams and visions about God's plans for the church and the up and coming revival to beat all revivals.