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Thursday 21 September
Sunday 24 September
10:15amSunday worship, sharing and... @ Malvern Vale Community Centre
Tuesday 26 September
9:30amPrayer Meeting @ Malvern Vale Community Centre
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In this section of our web site you can hear and download some of our recorded messages.


 Latest messages 
Pursue Love, Expect More (download)
Libby Coyle, 23/07/2017
Can These Bones Live? (download)
Mark Franklin, 16/07/2017
What Is Life? (download)
Pete Nash, 09/07/2017
How To Be Free To Be Us in God (download)
Lucy Dudley, 02/07/2017
Preparing for the "Re" of God (download)
Tim Silk, 25/06/2017
Mercy and Grace (download)
Jenny Franklin, 18/06/2017
Pressing In and Pressing On (download)
Mark Franklin, 11/06/2017
Are Things What You Think They Are? (download)
Alan Jameison, 28/05/2017
Unity and Growth (download)
Peter Owen, 21/05/2017
You're on the Team! (download)
Tim Silk, 14/05/2017
Imagine Success! (download)
Mark Franklin, 07/05/2017
Absolutely Amazing! But It's True! (download)
Dave Bray, 30/04/2017
Separated for a Season (download)
Tim Silk, 23/04/2017
Let's Get Real! (download)
Mark Franklin, 16/04/2017
The Borrowed Ass (download)
Tim Silk, 09/04/2017
Being Set Up For Success (download)
Dave Bray, 02/04/2017
Have You Lost Your Way? (download)
Alan Jameison, 26/03/2017
On Remembering and Forgetting (download)
Peter Owen, 19/03/2017
Peace of Mind (download)
Mark Franklin, 12/03/2017
What God Wants (download)
Tim Silk, 05/03/2017
You Are Chosen (download)
Dave Bray, 26/02/2017
On Surveying (download)
Tim Silk, 12/02/2017
You Can Do It! (download)
Dave Bray, 05/02/2017
How Big Is Your God? (download)
Peter Owen, 29/01/2017
Walking in the Light (download)
Alan Jameison, 22/01/2017
Keep the Faith (download)
Mark Franklin, 15/01/2017
Take a Risk (download)
Dave Bray, 01/01/2017
Beauty for Ashes (download)
Mark Franklin, 11/12/2016
He's Still God (download)
Tim Silk, 04/12/2016
A Wake-up Call (download)
Alan Jameison, 27/11/2016
It's All Inclusive! (download)
Dave Bray, 20/11/2016
A Change Is Gonna Come (download)
Mark Franklin, 06/11/2016
The Grace We Need (download)
Tim Silk, 30/10/2016
I may Only Have a Peashooter but.. (download)
Mark Franklin, 23/10/2016
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