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Thursday 27 July
7:30pmMid-week Meeting @ Pete and Carol's
Sunday 30 July
10:30amCafe Church - for all the... @ Malvern Vale Community Centre
Tuesday 1 August
9:30amPrayer Meeting @ Malvern Vale Community Centre
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I am a Transformed Life

You cannpot imagine how transformed I am since Jesus took hold of my life. It would be difficult to imagine sufficiently how timid I was, how afraid to look even at anyone, much less talk to them. I was nothing, and I considered myself nothing. But when I invited Jesus into my life, when Jesus took hold of me, I began to change and change significantly. Back then, no-one could possibly have imagined that I would become what I am now, and preach the gospel as I do. No-one could have guessed I would be bold to witness to anyone who will listen with a hope of winning them to the Lord.


But that's how it is. I am transformed. By Jesus! I am so grateful and glad Jesus took hold of my life. There is no way I would ever want to go back.


Mark Franklin (transcribed by Jeff from Mark's sermon (sadly not recorded) on 25th September 2011)


Mark Franklin

Mark Franklin, 25/09/2011